No major rains expected says weather office

No major rains expected says weather office

5 May 2021 11:16

According to the weather office, there are no major rains expected that will alleviate the severe water crisis facing the Nelson Mandela Bay area.

"If we do not get major rains shortly, taps will start running dry in certain areas from the end of next month," said Garth Sampson, Weather SA's client liaison officer for the Eastern Cape.

"Consumption remains high at around 300 mega litres a day. We have to reduce consumption to 250 mega litres a day, if we stand any chance to ride this wave out.

"SO we must all play out part in conserving every drop of water."

The forecast for the next 7 days is as follows

05/05/2021: A cut off low is expected in the vicinity of Saldanha Bay.  A band of middle level moisture is expected to stretch from the Northern Cape over the western part of the Eastern Cape, where isolated showers and thundershowers are likely to develop.

06/05/2021: The upper parts of the cut-off low remains semi-stationary, while the low level parts move eastwards.  This will spread isolated showers over a greater area of the EC.

07/05/2021: The cut-off moved southwards over the ocean (south of George).  Middle level moisture over the eastern half of the EC may still produce isolated showers.

08/05/2021: The cut-of low remains active, moving northeastwards over the Eastern Cape.  This will bring showers in from the west over the SW parts of the EC.

09/05/2021: The cut-off low will weaken into a trough over KZN.  A surface high pressure will ridge in over the Eastern Cape, with a small chance of light rain showers near the coast

10/05/2021: An upper air high pressure cell is expected over the Western Cape, with clear weather over areas west of Lesotho.

11/05/2021: A surface high pressure ridge is expected south of the country, with low cloud at times along the coast.

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